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Why is American CBD better?

Education 3 - Why is American CBD better?

Why is American CBD better?

In the United States, hemp became legal to be grown as of December 2018. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 is the act behind it. Thus, demo changed from being considered as a controlled substance to now an agricultural commodity. Thus, farmers could now gain loans, insurance and production licenses more easily. Though it is not legal in all the states, 41 states are in the process of making hemp legal to be grown. Experts believe that the hemp market will be worth $1 billion by 2019.

US have a long history with hemp. George Washington himself was a grower of hemp. There are many other presidents who are known or reported to have grown hemp. It has been used for its fiber for many centuries. Hemp was also used during the Second World War for making rope, canvas and uniforms. The ban, thus, had suppressed the industry from providing potential jobs, medicine and consumer products.

The good thing about hemp being legalized is that it will now be possible for researchers to study it better. This would help more expansive knowledge of products relating to CBD. Thus, more research and trials can lead to definitive conclusions of health benefits of CBD.

why american cb is better - Why is American CBD better?

For hemp products, the largest exporter in the current world is China, but there is a challenge coming from the US industry. The lifting of the ban will contribute to that. Previously, selling unapproved and unlicensed products with no substantiated therapeutic benefits violates the law, but also exposes patients to risk; as such products may not be proven safe or effective. Even the interstate commerce in regards to hemp products that was almost non-existent before is going to change.

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One important feature of the 2018 Farm Bill is that it will now allow hemp to be under regulation of the USDA. This includes the labeling of hemp grown in America as certified organic. Finance and research potentials could be opened; farmers who grow hemp will be guaranteed rights dealing with water. Hemp will also be re-defined as a non-drug commodity.

What all this points to is that the US-grown hemp is now under proper purview of a licensing body. This not only ensures its safety but also grants it an increased commercial value. US has a long history with hemp, thus, it has unmatched experience and expertise with the plant. The US could soon become at par with other rivals. Their levels of quality in the product will definitely speak for itself as compared with any other.

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